Freebirds World Burrito

Company Information

Freebirds is a fast casual restaurant serving scratch made, Mexican-inspired burritos, bowls, tacos and more. Founded in 1987, the restaurant brand has grown to over ninety locations across the United States. Famous for its music-inspired interiors and numerous topping options, the brand boasts a loyal following of 400,000+ active loyalty customers.

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My Role

While working directly with the Freebirds leadership team throughout 2014 and 2015, I was involved in a wide range of projects including website redesign, email marketing, search engine marketing, and vendor management and selection.

Highlights include:

  • Full website restructuring and redesign
  • Pay-per-click advertising campaign for catering program
  • Social responsibility campaign leveraging loyalty customers and reducing program liability
  • Mobile application and paid search vendor audit and analysis

Website Redesign

The previous Freebirds website had a limited mobile experience and did not provide a CMS platform for effetively managing updates and publishing branded content. Our goals were to create a platform that would accommodate frequent updates, proudly display their beautiful menu items, and measure performance across online ordering, catering, and customer loyalty.

After a substantial information architecture revamp, our team created wireframes and content that would drive the design process. The end result is a flexible, scalable website with full ecommerce integration and analytics tracking website performance, merchandise orders, and catering sales leads.

Catering Sales Campaign

Working closely with Freebirds’ catering and operations managers, we successfully leveraged search engine and social media marketing to understand how pay-per-click advertising could increase catering sales during the holiday season.

We began the process with the intention of learning quickly and making daily and weekly changes to the campaign to generate the best possible results. We started with purposeful budgets and focused creative geared toward our target audience. After quickly learning which platforms generated the best results, we refined our strategy and focused on a single platform for the remainder of the campaign.

Ultimately, the campaign generated new catering sales resulting in 150% ROI and reduced cost-per-lead by 56%.

Social Responsibility Campaign

Freebirds regularly participates in programs and initiatives that support the communities in which they operate. In partnership with seven USO centers in Texas, California, Louisiana, and Kansas, we ran an email marketing campaign encouraging Freebirds “Fanatics” to donate their accumulated loyalty points in order to provide military families a free meal at any Freebirds location.

As a result of the month-long campaign, Freebirds Fanatics donated more than 1,500 meals to military families via 1,900+ individual donations. Additionally, the individual donations resulted in a 66% reduction in program liability for customers that donated to the campaign.

  • 15,649 total loyalty points donated
  • 1,901 individual
  • 123 messages from donors
  • 145K+ email messages opened